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Industrial and modernista Terrassa (ENGLISH)

Museu de Terrassa
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In the mid-nineteenth century, Terrassa was one of the leading towns in the industrial revolution in Catalonia and Spain.
Textiles, and woolen textiles in particular, constituted the driving force of the economy of Terrassa for over a century. The growth of the
town was spectacular; the scenery was filled with factories, warehouses, dwellings for workers and manufacturers, buildings for service
centres used by institutions, leisure spaces and the like.

The industrial middle class sponsored cultural movements such as Modernisme and Noucentisme or nineteenth century styles.

In the case of Terrassa, the Modernist style applied to the urban industrial heritage was linked to the personal work of the most prolific
architect in the town during the period, Lluís Muncunill.

Activitat en llengua anglesa


- Quadern del Museu i Dossier didàctic núm. 2 La casa Alegre de Sagrera - Catàleg del Museu núm. 7 Les arts modernistes aplicades a Terrassa - DVD Art Nouveau & Society


- Discover the core industrial Terrassa and its modernist outstanding
- Approaching the daily life of early twentieth century
- Discovering modernism and industrialization
- Get used to hearing explanations in English
- Learn new English vocabulary


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Museu de Terrassa

Casa Soler i Palet. Carrer de la Font Vella, 28